Monday, February 16, 2009

What did he say?

Only Goosh went to Columbus on Wednesday. He and original Jason were going to the U.S. – Mexico soccer match. Goosh arrived around 4 p.m. He woke up Smoochie from his nap. Goosh and Smoochie gave each other back rubs and hugs. Goosh offered to take the family to Ruby Tuesday for dinner since he had a coupon. Original Jason, Goosh and Smoochie left in the new car and Debbie drove in her car. The idea being that Debbie and Blondie would come home after dinner while the other two left for the match. However, with the bad weather, traffic was so bad that they returned home. Original Jason and Goosh left for the soccer stadium, deciding to get a hot dog at the game. With the cold, rain and wind, cars were directed to park at the state fairgrounds parking lots. The U.S. won, 2 – 0. Jason and Goosh had to walk back to the car. The temperature had dropped and they battled a head wind all the way to the car. Enough of a wind to draw tears. Fortunately, they managed to get out of a rear exit and got back to the house in no time at all. Smoochie greeted Goosh by taking his scarf and coat off. He did not want Goosh to leave. Blondie was drinking milk from his cup when he tried to drink from the bottom of the cup. With a two year old sense of humor, he thought this was funny. He pretended to drink from the bottom and laugh. He repeated that a few times. Smoochie wanted to stand on his head so he made Goosh hold him upside down. Goosh does not know why the little guy likes that. Goosh had to leave, so he put on his scarf and coat. Smoochie zipped up his coat and then said, “bye Gramps.” His grandfather went WHOOO-OOOO. He said GRAMPS. No more Goosh. Gramps had pleasant memories on the drive home. He looks forward to another trip to Columbus.


  1. You might have to change the name of this blog now!

  2. We will keep it Smoochie and Goosh for now.