Friday, March 27, 2009

St. Patrick's Outfit

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Overnight in Columbus

On March 21 and 22, Grandma and Gramps got to Columbus. They left Cleveland after Grandma’s work so they arrived in Columbus while Smoochie was napping. His sleeping habits have been off lately. Gramps got a big hug after waking the little guy up. Mommy and Daddy left to go to a restaurant to have time of their own. Smoochie knows that when Grandma and Gramps show up, fun times follow. No problems with Mommy and Daddy leaving. Grandma and Gramps decided to go to the Noodle Company for dinner. Borrowing Mommy’s garage door opener, Grandma, Gramps and Blondie left by way of the garage. The little guy made sure that the garage door closed. They arrived at Noodle Company and put in their orders and sat down at a table. Gramps and Smoochie went to wash hands. The men’s room was dark. Gramps turned on the light. Smoochie pointed to the ceiling and said, “two lights.” The little guy and Gramps washed hands. The paper towels were in reach so Smoochie and Gramps took two each. Blondie wanted to wash again. They repeated the process. Gramps decided that dinner was coming to the table so they left. Smoochie turned off the lights when they left. Jason is getting more used to silverware. He ate his mac and cheese with a fork without much help. The top level was cool but Smoochie put his fork all the way in. Grandma stirred the meal to cool it off. The three finished their meal and Jason told Gramps that they needed to wash hands. Off to men’s room they went. Smoochie turned the light on and announced, “two lights.” They washed hands and Blondie and Gramps used two paper towels each to dry hands. Smoochie needed to wash hands again, so the process repeated. Gramps took one paper towel, so Smoochie got him another. Smoochie was all set to do it one more time when Gramps said it was time to leave. Jason turned off the lights as they left. Outside Noodle Company, Jason and Gramps walked up and down the walk, backwards and sideways. They ran back to Grandma. The car stopped at Graeter’s for ice cream. Smoochie got a vanilla ice cream cone and Grandma and Gramps got bowls of ice cream. Jason knows how to lick ice cream from a cone. Lots of napkins were used. Smoochie ate his ice cream with a little help from Grandma and Gramps. Grandma had to take the paper wrapping off the cone so the little guy could finish. Towards the end, he started from the bottom of the cone. This was fun for the little guy but required more napkins. Grandma and Gramps were lucky they were not charged for the number of napkins used. When finished, Jason and Gramps went off the men’s room. They washed and dried hands twice. Gramps decided twice was enough. Smoochie wanted to turn off the light but Gramps said it was on when they entered, so it stays on when they leave. Gramps and Blondie walked backwards and sideways on the sidewalk at Graeter’s, entertaining people in their cars. They ran back to Grandma. Jason and Grandma sang songs on the way back to Mommy’s and Daddy’s house. They all trooped through the garage to get in the house. Grandma and Jason sang and danced. Smoochie’s favorite songs are the Hokey Pokey and the Fishy song. Mommy and Daddy came home and Smoochie went off to bed.

Grandma and Gramps slept in the living room on the air mattress. Smoochie woke up twice in the night so Gramps and he snuggled while he calmed down. The family got a late start on Sunday morning. They headed to First Watch. Grandma, Gramps and Smoochie had to leave through the garage. While waiting at First Watch, Jason, Daddy and Gramps walked and ran up and down the sidewalk. After they were seated and given their orders, Smoochie and Gramps went off to the men’s room. They washed and dried hands twice. First Watch has an automatic towel dispenser, so Gramps got the towels. Next time, Jason will be confident enough to get the towels. After breakfast, Grandma, Gramps and Blondie went to Friendship Park. They started off with the swing. Jason told Grandma to push. His confidence has grown on the swing, since he had Grandma push him higher than before. They did the slides and other play objects and it was time to leave. Gramps had to pick up Jason and carry him out. They made it back home. Gramps and Jason decided to go for a walk. Gramps, Smoochie, Blizzard and White Doggie went for a long walk around the development. When they returned, they had to walk to the back to put the poop bag in the garbage. Smoochie stood in front of the garage door and said, ”open garage.” Gramps said that he did not have the garage door opener. Gramps had to pull Jason to the front door. Smoochie took his lawn mower out front. Grandma and Gramps decided to leave. Smoochie hollered, “NO GO. NO GO.” Grandma told him that if they do not leave, they cannot return. Smoochie knew there was something wrong there but not sure what. Grandma and Gramps eventually left and look forward to the end of tax season.