Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Portrait Weekend

Grandma, Gramps, Mommy, Daddy, Smoochie and Uncle Matt met at Portrait Innovations in Mayfield Heights on Saturday afternoon, May 16. They were there for a family portrait. Numerous poses and pictures were taken. Photographer’s name was Alisha who took some terrific shots of Smoochie. This was not easy. She got him to smile but it lasted about a second. She had to be quick. We finally got finished. With digital pictures, we were able to chose the shots we like and pictures that we wanted. Mommy, Daddy, Smoochie and Uncle Matt left while Grandma and Gramps waited for the prints. Grandma and Gramps decided to head for the Tekavecs with the new pictures to show everyone. Gramps and Smoochie played while the grownups looked through the pictures. Grandma and Gramps went home to rest up for Sunday.

Grandma, Gramps, Mommy, Daddy, Smoochie, Uncle Matt and Auntie Sandy met for breakfast at 5th Avenue Deli. The little guy gave everyone big hugs. We ordered breakfast. Gramps and Blondie went off to wash hands. They had to wait while a maintenance man finished cleaning the room. They finally got in to wash hands. 5th Avenue now has an automatic towel dispenser. With clean hands, Gramps got the paper towels. Smoochie dried his hands and was going to throw away the paper towel when he discovered that the maintenance man had taken the waste basket leaving only the top. Jason tried to put the paper towel under the top. Gramps fetched the waste basket so Smoochie was able to put the paper towel in the waste basket. He liked this waste basket since the top has a swinging lid. He pushed down the lid on one side and the other side swung around and hit him in the back of the hand. He liked swinging the lid. After two washes and dries, the two went back to the table where breakfast was waiting. When breakfast was done, Smoochie and Gramps went back to wash hands. No incident but Jason waved his hand in the automatic dispenser to get the paper towels. After two washes and dries, Smoochie and Gramps returned to pay the check. They went out on the sidewalk to cruise. They walked backwards, sideways and jumped.

Uncle Matt went home but everyone else went to the Mayfield Heights park. Smoochie climbed over the equipment and slid down the slides. He and Daddy went down the big metal slide together. Young Jason had the playground almost to himself. He eventually went onto the swing. Gramps pushed for a while then Daddy pushed. Initially, Jason did not want to go too high but he got braver and was swinging over Gramps’ outstretched hands. Mommy got a call from her friend Sarah. It was decided that Mommy visit Sarah and Daddy would get the overnight stuff and Smoochie stop at Grandma’s and Gramps’ house. Jason and Gramps kicked the soccer ball. Jason helped Gramps pick up tree limbs. The three of them went for a walk. Grandma made lunch for Jason of peanut butter sandwich and brown (chocolate) milk followed by grapes which Smoochie shared with Grandma and Gramps on the patio.

Jason wanted to go in the house and play. He and Grandma played with the cobblers bench. Jason found he was able to push the pegs down with his thumb. Grandma got out the Matchbox cars which originally belonged to Smoochie’s uncle and Daddy. The little guy loved those. Then Grandma brought down the play set for the Matchbox cars. Smoochie adored that. He parked the cars in the two garages. He moved the cars up and down ramps. He had the cars get gas. The cars went on a lift. Daddy finally came to take Jason to pick up Mommy and then go to the Tekavecs for dinner before leaving for home. Jason did not want to go in Daddy’s car. He said, “Gramps car. RED CAR. RED CAR.” After hugs and kisses he got his meow piano and left with Daddy. He slept all the way home. Grandma and Gramps will have to visit this coming weekend.