Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Smoochie Extra Time

Friday Lunch

Gamma and Goosh met Smoochie and Mommy at Bakers Square in Mentor for lunch. Gamma and Goosh took Friday afternoon off. Goosh dropped Gamma at the door and parked the car. Getting out of the car, Goosh saw Debbie and Blondie park their original Jason and Debbie’s new car. He walked over. Smoochie saw his Gramps before Mommy and yelled, “Gampsh!” Gramps. Smoochie and Mommy walked into Bakers Square. Smoochie hollered “Gamma!” He ran up to his Gamma and gave her a hug. They went to their table. After ordering the meal, Goosh and the little guy went to the men’s room to wash hands. The paper towels were manually dispensed, so Jason grabbed a couple to dry his hands. We washed hands twice. We would have stayed but Goosh told Smoochie that Gamma needed to see clean hands. Smoochie walked up to Gamma and shoved his hands in her face. Smoochie sat on Gamma’s lap. Mommy offered Blondie snacks but he did not want those. Gamma asked him if he wanted her to look for snacks in her purse. He said, “Yes.” He now says the s in yes. Gamma gave Smoochie a bag of Teddy Grahams. That is what he wanted. He ate his snacks happily. He shared his Teddy Grahams with Mommy, Gamma and Goosh. Gamma sang while we waited. Our meal arrived so Jason sat in the high chair. Mommy got him french toast sticks but he preferred Mommy’s lunch of alfredo pasta. At one time he leaned back and put the back of his hand over his eyes. After everyone had eaten, Goosh and Smoochie washed their hands again. The toilet in the men’s room was running. As we left, Jason waved bye to the toilet. Goosh gave the check to Jason and the two of them paid the check. Off we went to Great Lakes mall.

We parked by J. C. Penney, and went in. Smoochie helped to open the doors and held them open. We got to the play area and Jason knew what to do. He immediately took off his shoes. The group in the play area on this Friday afternoon consisted of kids 4 years old and younger so no big kids to knock Jason over. At one time Jason ran around and out of the play area. This freaked Gamma out so she told him that if he did it again, he was going in time out. He still moved tentatively around the play area. He did not want to go down the slide. He did get up on an object shaped like a large half of a baseball. He stood up with no hands. He eventually climbed over a short wall. That gave him confidence to climb the steps and go down the slide. We told him two more minutes. He went down the slide and Gamma told him one more time. He went down and then ran back again for another time. Gamma told him he was a sneaky pete. He was going to do down again but Mommy grabbed him and put his shoes and coat on. We left. Mommy and Smoochie went back to auntie Sandy’s where they stayed and Gamma Goosh went home and collapsed.

Saturday birthday party

Saturday afternoon was a birthday party for Smoochie’s cousin, Justin. The party was at Dan and Cathy’s house in Parma. Jaci and I were invited along with the entire Tekavec side of the family. Justin is three years old. We brought a vegetable tray. Jason, Debbie and Jason arrived late since Jason and Debbie waited until the little guy woke from his nap. Tables and chairs were set up in the basement. Goosh took the little guy downstairs while Mommy got him his dinner. Smoochie got his dinner but did not eat much since there was a lot happening. Justin opened his gifts. Jason got a few gifts so as not to feel left out. He got a can of Play Doh. Jason, Daddy, Gamma and Goosh played with the purple Play Doh. Blondie likes to make balls. Daddy made small balls and large balls while Gamma helped Smoochie count them. Daddy made a purple person but Jason preferred a ball. Jason helped his cousin blow out the birthday candles. I do not think that he knew what the candles were for. He knew the frosting. He dipped his fingers in the frosting and put them in his mouth. The cake had all these finger streaks. We had dessert. Smoochie did not want cake on a fork or spoon. He wanted to lick frosting off his fingers. After dessert Goosh and Smoochie had to wash hands. Cathy and Dan have four soaps in their bathroom. Smoochie used them all. Back downstairs to show his clean hands to Gamma. We get to sing and dance with Gamma. Smoochie is very picky in his choice of songs. Gamma had to perform Where is Thumbkin and the Hokey-Pokey.

Meal over. We all trooped upstairs. Justin shared his toys with Jason. Justin is a huge fan of the Pixar movie, Cars. Jason played with a helicopter with Mater, the tow truck in it. Every time the helicopter door opened and Mater was pushed out, Mater said, “I am as happy as a tornado in a trailer park.” After playing with the helicopter for about 20 minutes, Goosh showed him Justin’s vacuum cleaner. Jason and Justin took turns vacuuming. Jason took a break with auntie Sandy. The two of them washed their hands in the bathroom. They washed their hands using each soap twice. The little guy went searching through Justin’s toys. Goosh found one that when a button is pushed, a wheel with gears goes round. The gears connect to other wheeled gears which go around. The gears have different colors and can be moved around. The toy is called Hasbro Playskool Busy Gears. Jason found this fascinating. There are noises, lights and movement but not an excessive amount of any. Blondie played with this toy for 45 minutes. Gamma and Goosh left with more memories. They wonder how one little person can wear out so many adults.

Sunday breakfast

Sunday breakfast was scheduled for 10:00 at 5th Avenue Deli. Jaci and King arrived early to get a table for seven. Original Jason, Debbie, Sandy and Smoochie came into the parking lot a short time later. Smoochie decided that he now wants to get out of the car seat by himself. Goosh asked Smoochie to hold the door for everybody but he ran in to give Gamma a hug. Gammas run on hugs. Smoochie sat on Goosh’s lap while waiting for Uncle Matt to show. Uncle Matt got a big hug when he came in. We all sat down. Mommy ordered hot chocolate with whipped cream. Smoochie got the whipped cream and Mommy got the hot chocolate. We gave the server our order and Smoochie knew what came next. We had to go wash hands. We needed to walk sideways to get out from between the tables. We kept walking sideways even when we got to the middle of the floor. We got to the men’s room. The faucet was another one handle faucet. That type is more difficult for the little guy to work. He turned the water on and put his hand under it and said that it was too cold. Goosh showed him how to adjust the temperature. Then it was too hot. Eventually, they got to the right temperature. Goosh pushed the button for the soap. The soap on Jason’s hand was clear (how dull). After cleaning our hands and turning the water off, we went to the paper towel. This was an automatic dispenser. Goosh asked Jason if he wanted to wave his hand in front of the little red light. Jason said, “no. Gampsh get paper towel.” Goosh waved his hand. The paper towel came down. Goosh ripped it off and gave it to Smoochie. Smoochie said, “more paper towel.” After four more times of this, Goosh told Smoochie to show his clean hands to Gamma. Goosh and Smoochie went back to the table where Smoochie shoved his hands in Gamma’s face. Gamma and Smoochie san songs until breakfast appeared. Smoochie ate his eggs and toast. He did not want his potatoes. He had some of Gamma’s blueberry pancakes. He rejected strawberry jam on his toast. He wanted plain toast. After everyone finished their meal, Smoochie and Goosh went off to wash hands again. They both walked sideways leaving the table. The hand wash process went smoothly. Smoochie and Goosh dried their hands with only four paper towels. Goosh was ready to leave but Smoochie told Goosh, “wash hands.” They did the same thing all over again. (what demented individual started Smoochie on this hand washing kick?) They finally left the men’s room and Smoochie pointed to the door and said, “baffroom.” They walked past the ladie’s room and Smoochie said, “baffroom.” Past another door and Smoochie said, “baffroom.” Goosh said that was the door to the kitchen. When they got to the table area, Goosh lifted Jason so he could see the people making the breakfasts. He found that fascinating. Goosh told Smoochie that Gamma needed to see clean hands. After the hand inspection, Gamma gave Smoochie the check so he and Goosh could pay. They went to the cashier. Smoochie was willing to work the cash register. Everybody left.

Smoochie and Goosh took a walk down the store fronts. When they walked back to the group, they walked backwards. Daddy tried to get him to jump. Gramps said that Hoaglands are known for their jumping ability(everyone picked up on that sarcasm). Daddy told Smoochie to give Gamma, Gramps and Uncle Matt a hug. Smoochie hollered ,”no hug, no hug!” Two year old logic, no one can leave until they get a hug. Finally, Uncle Matt got a hug and squeeze, Goosh got a hug and squeeze and Gamma got hugs and kisses. Grandma and Gramps had to go home to rest. This was a busy weekend. Gramps will go to Columbus on Wednesday but no telling when Grandma will next get to see her grandson. Tax season has started.

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