Monday, February 2, 2009

Songs and Dinner

Off again to Columbus on Saturday. We called while we were on our way. Grandma told Smoochie that Grandma and Gramps will be at his house when he wakes up from his nap. When we arrived around 3 p.m., Debbie was putting the little guy in for his nap. We had to be very quiet until he dropped off which eventually occurred. Debbie and Jason left to pick up their new car and afterwards, have dinner at the fondue restaurant. When young Jason woke from his nap, he found Grandma and Gramps waiting for him. It was only about nine months ago that he was shy around Grandma and Gramps and needed Mommy all the time. He discovered that when Gamma and Goosh show up, he does fun stuff at different places and they give him good food to eat. He was quite happy and relaxed with no Mommy or Daddy. When we heard the little guy wake up, Grandma went up to his room because the previous day, he emptied his dresser drawers. Some time later, we headed off.

Our first stop was Half-Price Books where Jaci bought a gift card. On the way, Blondie was helping Gramps drive by pointing out red lights and green lights. He speaks in longer sentences each week. During all the various journeys this day, Grandma and Smoochie sang songs. They included the ABC Song, There Was a Farmer Had a Dog and Bingo Was His Name-O, Old McDonald and The Farmer in the Dell. From Half-Price Books, we headed for a local McDonald’s. We were not happy with the location, so we ended up in a McDonald’s in Westerville. This was a relatively new MickeyD’s with a fireplace. The little guy knows McDonald’s and says it, pronouncing all the consonants. However, it was not real clean but it was getting late. As you know, Smoochie loves to wash his hands so off he and Goosh went to the Men’s room. McDonald’s rest rooms are no fun. The water turns on automatically and there are no paper towels. We washed our hands and headed out to order food. We got our dinners and sat down at the table. Jason got a Happy Meal with a hamburger and apple slices. Grandma got a hamburger and an apple walnut salad. Gramps picked out a Quarter Pounder and fries. Jason slowly got through his hamburger. When Jason and Grandma were done with their hamburgers, Grandma gave Jason his apples and she opened her fruit. Jason saw the walnuts in Grandma’s salad and helped himself to one. Over time, he has discovered that whatever Grandma is eating must be good. He then shared Grandma’s walnuts with her. He dropped a walnut in Grandma’s hand and she popped it in her mouth. Smoochie liked that move so he did it too, most of the time successfully. Grandma’s salad contained yogurt which Grandma does not eat but Jason got to dip his apple slices in it. After the slices were gone, Jason finished off the yogurt. Jason tossed out all the garbage and off we went.

Our initial plan was to go to Graeter’s for ice cream after McDonald’s. We felt it was too late for that. Gramps went into Kroger’s for ice cream while Grandma and Smoochie sang songs. With ice cream in trunk, the three of us went back to Jason and Debbie’s house. We had our dessert. Afterwards, Grandma and Blondie sang the action songs that were not possible in a car. They did the Hokey-Pokey, The People on the Bus and Grandma taught him Where is Thumbkin. After a bunch of songs, Jason was getting tired and his civilization center got turned off. He grabbed Grandma’s knitting which caused Goosh to holler at him. He needed to get into bed so we said our goodbyes and left. The Columbus group will be in Cleveland next weekend for a birthday party for Smoochie’s cousin, Justin. We will see the new car in daylight then. Grandma and Gramps got home around 1 a.m. They look forward to next weekend to see what the little guy will learn in another week.

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  1. Wow, what a busy day! I'm looking forward to hearing about the new car. Hyundai had interesting commercials on the super bowl.