Monday, January 26, 2009

That's What It's All About

Saturday started off on the wrong foot or wheel. Jason and Debbie had an appointment at the local Hyundai dealer at 3 p.m. so Jaci and I needed to be in Columbus at 2:30. We set off around 12:15 with the weather being cloudy and cold. Suddenly, on I-271 we hit a snowstorm. Around the rest area, at mile marker 8, all traffic stops. We pulled through the rest area and wait on the entrance ramp for over an hour. We see two ambulances and tow trucks go by. Over an hour goes by, eventually three middle schoolers play hockey on the interstate. People get out of their cars and go to the rest area. Jaci called Debbie and told her that we will be late. Jason rescheduled the appt. When we finally got past the accident, only one vehicle was left. Within a half mile we are on dry pavement. Five mile later sunlight hits the car. We must have hit a cell at the wrong time. We arrived in Columbus around 3:15 while the little guy is taking his nap.

Jason and Debbie go off to take a test drive in an Elantra. Jason woke up and gave Grandma a long snuggle. Jason and Debbie came back before we left. They both liked the car, so it looks like they will get it. Dealers are desperate so now is a good time to get a car. Jason asked me whether they should trade in the Lumina or the Focus since the two of them disagree on which car to get rid of. I said to take both to the dealer and whichever one has the higher trade value, trade that in. Time will tell what decision they make. Jason and Debbie were unable to get reservations at the fondue restaurant, so they headed off to Texas Roadhouse for supper. The little guy knows that when Grandma and Goosh come, he has fun, so no problem with Mommy and Daddy leaving. Jaci, Smoochie and I made for Polaris Mall with Smoochie helping Gramps drive. Jason kept track of the red lights and green lights telling Gramps, “red stop” and “green go.” He counted two or three lights. He had problems getting past three. When we go on the freeway, Grandma sang to him. We had multiple performances of There Was a Farmer Had a Dog and Bingo Was His Name-O.

We had dinner at the food court. Jason can get his chicken nuggets there and make as much noise as he wants. After the meal, Smoochie and Gramps went to the men’s room to wash hands. We limited the hand washing to one but used a handful of paper towels to dry. We used up one towel dispenser and had to go to another. Going back to Grandma, Jason did the weak knee bit. That is the one where the kid is suddenly unable to walk. Gramps gets tired of THAT real quick. We all went to the play area which has things to climb on and go under and slides. Smoochie had fun for over an hour although he was intimidated by all the loud hyper-active kids. And he finally said, “Grandma.” Standing on a big rock, he said, “hi Gamma.” A lot happens in a couple of weeks. We put our coats on outside of Sears and Grandma thought that she heard him say, “S E.” He did not repeat that. On the way back to home, Jason wanted Grandma to sing B I N G O. Jason clapped and sang with her.

Back in Jason and Debbie’s house, Grandma and Gramps taught Jason a new song, the Hokey-Pokey. The first time, Goosh moved Blondie’s body parts. Smoochie wanted to do it again, so Grandma, Smoochie and Gramps lined up for the song. Smoochie had a blast moving although he mixed up left and right. Jason and Debbie returned while the performance was going on. They applauded when it was over and the little guy gave his Mommy a hug. Grandma and Gramps had given Blondie a Step 2 Cottage for Christmas along with a extra people. This cottage is about the size of a dollhouse and contains bedrooms, living room, kitchen and bathroom. We did not know it when we bought it but the cottage makes noises. The door bell rings, the TV blasts, the phone rings and the stove sizzles. Smoochie showed Grandma and Gramps how everything works. There is one baby but the male figures are Daddy and all the female ones are Mommy. Smoochie had two Mommies and one Daddy go into the house, close the door and ring the doorbell. He had the Daddy watch television and have the phone ring. Then Daddy went to bed for a nap. He put each person on the potty and describe what happened followed by the stove sound which sounds like a toilet flushing. He played with his cottage for a while. Grandma sang the People on the Bus. Grandma now has Smoochie facing her when she sings so that she does not get clobbered when the wipers go swish, swish, swish and the driver says “move on back.” We finally left after 10:00. We got home tired but happy. We hope to return next Saturday, if Jaci does not work.


  1. Richard it sounds like a great day, although it was long. Mike and I looked at a Hyundai Sonata before we bought the Camry. I thought they were good cars they will like it.

  2. we're probably getting the elantra this weekend. fits our needs to a T: cheap, safe, not chintzy, quality, long warranty.