Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Stuck Inside

Jaci and I traveled to Columbus on Sunday since the weather on Saturday was too bad for driving. Jaci read at 8 a.m. Mass and we left shortly afterward. We decided to meet Jason, Debbie and Jason for breakfast at First Watch. Jaci and I arrived at 12:30 and I put our name among a huge crowd. 20 minutes later, Debbie’s Focus pulled into the parking lot. I went out to get Smoochie. While I was out, our name was called and Jaci went to our table. Four Hoaglands walked in and sat down at the table. After we ordered, off went Smoochie and Goosh to the men’s room. We washed and dried our hands twice. The little guy liked seeing the paper towels come out of the automatic towel dispenser. He wanted Goosh to keep the towels coming. Goosh decided that two paper towels were enough. Goosh showed Smoochie how to toss paper towels in the waste basket. Blondie stuck to just putting the paper towels in the basket. He was all set to wash a third time when Goosh told him that he had to show Grandma his clean hands. That was how we got out of the men’s room with no complaint. Smoochie walked up to Grandma and stuck his hands in her face. She had to admire the cleanest hands of any two-year-old. We got through breakfast with Smoochie saying hi to the servers. After breakfast, Smoochie and Goosh had to wash their hands, again. This time, Blondie brought a napkin with him to put in the waster basket. We once again completely washed our hands twice. We went back to the table to show Grandma clean hands that she had to admire, again. Then Jason Jr went with Grandma and Goosh to his home with the little guy telling Goosh to stop at red lights and go at green lights. At home, Goosh took Smoochie to his room for a nap. Smoochie listens to a CD during nap time but Goosh was not allowed to turn the CD on. Jason had to turn the CD on, start play and push the repeat button. Then he had to turn the night light on. After reading an Elmo book, Smoochie laid down to rest.

The real reason why Jaci and I went to Columbus was to return a microwave that we bought for Jason and Debbie. While the little guy was sleeping, Jason, Debbie and I went off to Costco. We returned the one microwave and they picked out a 1.2 cubic foot model. We did some more shopping and came back to Jason and Debbie’s house, following a Plymouth Acclaim on Stelzer and Agler. Jason replaced the current microwave with the new one and he set the counter space to how he wanted the kitchen utensils and such. The four grown-ups relaxed until the little guy woke up. Smoochie became the entertainment.

Goosh wants everyone to know that he is not the only one to teach the grandson habits that his parents do not want him to have. Grandma showed him how to slide down stairs on his bottom. I say no more. Grandma sang her songs to Smoochie: the Bus Song and Hootchie Kootchie Fishie Dance song. Blondie played for while in HIS kitchen. He poured coffee, which he calls “hot juice”, for Grandma and Goosh. Goosh got "milk" in his. Debbie got out the little guy’s Sit and Spin. He does not know how to work it. He fell off when it moved. He ran from the kitchen to the living room and back. He ran up to his father and pushed him down. The two of them do that somewhat regularly. With original Jason on his back, I picked up the younger version and held him about a foot above his Dad. I dropped the little guy much his Dad’s surprise. I asked Smoochie if wanted to do that again and he said no which was more than OK with the elder Jason. At one time, Blondie got so excited he stood in the living room and spun around for many times. He got thirsty, so he opened the fridge to get some juice but that is not allowed. We got a full blown temper tantrum. Grandma and Goosh were not impressed. They have seen plenty of tantrums. Goosh emptied the styrofoam and plastic pieces out of the microwave box and put it on the floor on its side. Grandma asked Smoochie if he wanted to hide. He crawled into the microwave box and closed the two flaps. Grandma asked, “where’s Jason?” Jason burst out of the box and ran up to Grandma and gave her a hug. He must be over his fear of enclosed places if he hide in a box with flaps closed. This went on for like 10 minutes. Jason got to a point where he snuck up on Grandma. We wonder what he is thinking, does he think that he is fooling his Grandma.

Original Jason fixed dinner. It was cream of potato soup from scratch. That was good. The little guy ate some. Grandma gave him a cookie which we bought earlier in the week. It was a sugar cookie with a frosting picture of Lightning McQueen from Cars. He ate the whole cookie. Grandma and Goosh had to leave because they had to go to work the next day. Jaci and King came home with more pleasant memories.


  1. Richard, I just realized you were the one called "Goosh" I thought that was Jaci. Anyway, what a great day you had and your hands are so clean too.

  2. for what it's worth, jason is now able to say gramps and grandma, although he's much more shy to say grandma for whatever reason.

  3. Will I have to change the blog title to Smoochie and Gramps?