Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Smoochie Christmas

Jason, Debbie and Jason started Christmas day in Columbus with a gift exchange between the three of them. Piling gifts and family into Debbie’s Focus, early in the afternoon they traveled to the home of Debbie’s brother and sister-in-law, Dan and Cathy, in Parma for and a Christmas celebration between the sets of in-laws. Jason, Debbie and a sleeping Smoochie showed up at the stately Hoagland manor around 7 p.m. Blondie was carried in by Dad. In the vestibule, Jason heard the ticking of our grandfather clock. He whispered, “tick tock.” That was it. He was awake. We had the Hoagland gift exchange with the Columbus contingent, Matthew, and Jaci’s sister, Patti. The party broke up after 9 before all the gifts had been handed out. Debbie, Jason and Jason went to bed at the Tekavecs. We all met for breakfast the next morning. Young Jason flirted with the server by saying hi when she came by and bye when she left. He helped me pay the bill at the cash register. We retreated to home to distribute the remainder of the presents. Part 2 went well. Jason and Debbie received a microwave. The final gift was when Blondie opened a bag in the driveway to find a Toddle Tune Coupe. He fell in love immediately and went for a spin on the sidewalk. We had a tantrum when he was pulled from his car. He needed a nap.

The Tekavec Christmas celebration was on Saturday which started at the home of Debbie’s sister, Sandy. Jason and Jason left Sandy’s house in the Focus to go to the Tekavec house which involved passing the Hoagland house. The Focus stalled near Belwood. At this time, Jaci, Patti and I were at Jean’s house in Willoughby. The Focus ended up in our driveway. Smoochie knew where he was. He hollered, “OUT! OUT! OUT!” The two Jasons got a ride to the Tekavecs. That evening, Jason and his father-in-law, Matt, came by to check out the car. We found that Jason gave the Focus a Christmas gift of premium gas. We decided that the Focus’s computer chip could not handle the high octane gas and altered the fuel mixture and caused the stalling out. Jason and Matt drove the car to the Tekavecs and by Sunday, it was fine. Jason was able to meet Matthew for breakfast and Debbie, Blondie, Patti, Jaci and I met for breakfast at Original Pancake House.

Remember when I told you that Smoochie was scared of public bathrooms. No more. While waiting for our food, he and I went to the men’s room to wash our hands. We washed and dried our hands twice. I had to drag him out of the men’s room with a tantrum. Debbie heard this from a way’s off and said, “that is mine.” The food still had not arrived, so we went back to wash our hands one more time. Jason helped a gentleman at the sink by pointing out where the soap was. I now had a little guy with the cleanest hands of any two-year-old. Our server was the recipient of some flirting. We went to the cash register to pay although he was more interested in the waste basket than in paying. To distract him, I gave him the receipt to give to Grandma. We eventually left and dropped Debbie at her parent’s to get stuff together to go home. Patti, Jaci and I took Smoochie to our house to wear him out for the trip home. We let him ride in his car on the patio. He preferred riding on the grass and colliding with the house to going on the patio. Jason and Debbie came by with a very full car to pick up Jason. Jaci and I crashed when they left. Patti went back to Louisville on Monday and dropped off the car and microwave in Columbus. Jason drove it up and down the sidewalk. Jaci and I will go to Columbus on Saturday with the gifts that did not fit. Jaci and I continue to talk about our memories.

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